Back 2 My world for a while

Huff…..It was long time that i updated my website.What happened to me?

I was actually busy with my exams and happy that i am done with all of my exams and until now everything went well.So many changes to undergo in a the upcoming time.Had very good time this weekend.After,long time i had my holiday time,listening to music,watching movies,going out ,meeting friends and had fun.The time i spent listening to music just recalled the time that i used to spend during my Bachelors.Finally, I cooked today after a while,It turned out ok…but didnt satisfy me though….!!!

Woow… was good after my exams I feel relaxed at least for 10days and then my Grand Grad walk….Don’t know who will turn-up for my Grad walk ,but will be Very Glad if everyone who are expected are there …...

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Few days ago , i went to Amish restaurant . I has corn,mash potato ,very tasy pie and cinnamon roll.I like the pie the best.The women who served the food very very simple in their dress,they never use make up,they covered their hair with a piece of cloth.The place where the restaurant located was outside the city,It was clam.Amish Community differs from other communities in christians.They are well know for their simplicity,they are very reluctant to adopt to moderanization .They travel through horsecarts.They eat what they cultivate , they have their own farms from where they grow wheat,corn etc.They have their own pastures .They are unique in their ways .Unlike other christina communities ,they are not allowed to marry outside their communitiy,they have their schools ...

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Today was my first Easter in United States.I celebrated as a christian does.Went to church,had lunch with my friends family and their friends.It was good to know about their celebration.The celebration is about ” Lord Jesus risen”.I came to know about his last seven words.Importance of “last words” which i never thought about until now.Last word of Christ was about” Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. “.When the preacher was explaining about how painful the death was, i felt very bad.Let me try to describe ,he was hooked up in cross with nails on his hand and feet,the pain in his feet will not let him pull him up and while he was down he was not able to breath,it was due to lack of breath and he suffered like that for 6 long hours.


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My School Friends Poem

He was my second class friend.I remember those days when we were kids .He used to be so short and run around the class and in between benches , it was fun to get in contact with that little guy,now more than 6 ft.
hat was the poem he dedicated to his some one special and i was posted for him and his someone special.”May god Bless them both”.

Ever wonder.
How meeting a stranger may change ur life. This is all about that small moment in time.

I’m lost for words when it’s about you.
I knw it’s nt wt u want yet it’s all abt me being wit you.
How just for a minute talking to me lightens you.
Funny is the fact of never meeting each other and just hearing you.
A friend whom I found very endearing in you.
Evrything u start ends up at me n everything u finish starts with me.
Being so far yet feelin...

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Don't know why it is like that but it appears as if everything is standstill.Everything as it is…. no improvement and no motion.Trees are dull ,yet spring started no leaves bloomed,roads are empty no traffic,parking lots are free,no one is seen outside,clouds do not move nor the sun,it is all pin drop silence . I don't know what is going on but i just feel everything is just waiting for something to happen.Hope something good is going to happen.I am tensed and the environment around me make me more tensed….!!!

spy cell phone

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Did You Ever Loose money?

I know how is feels when you loose money…..feels  like damn why on earth was i choosen to loose money…that to for no reason.I was put in situation like that but for a reason,I lost money may be more than hundred dollars, it is horrible.Until then I know that i spend money just for paying the bills,but this time i ended up in paying the overdraft amount that is just

equivalent to loose money .I felt like why am i earing , Is it to pay fines and bills?.I felt like whole world want me to loose my money.I felt that i lost hard earned stuff which was not worth of paying fines.I have so many other bills to be paid…huf…..may be wat ever happen but life goes on that is what i realised that day...

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After Long time

Exams……make a person damn busy and i was around that for a while.I don't know why but it always happen to me during exam time that i want to see  movie or TV .I just feel like taking a break but the break extends up to hours and then realize that i was wasting lot of time and then struggling to finish the rest of my portion.But there is one thing in exam , you your  heart  and mind on the question, even those people how are not prepared for taking an exam will put all their concentration on the paper and struggle to answer something as it is always “Something is b

etter than nothing”.Hm……luckily mine was fine as i was struggling from days.But, after exam even though i feel stressed i would always feel like enjoying rather than resting..!!!

Sometime i feel like i...

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Internet has made world so small that is known to everyone ,but apart from that what all other thing that it got for us….we can search anything and everything starting from pens to Brides.But how to trust is the main point.It is so easy for us to be fooled by the third party.Are there any ways ,where we can be saf

e buying online?,Firstly,never believe the images that we see online .One of my friends recently bought an ipod touch  through bidding but it resulted in getting a dummy piece which is not even worth  a penny ,left him in spending so much.The best remedy what i feel is , Never get along with images.Make sure what exactly we are looking for from cost to quality.Buy through safe website which would guarantee you.Do safe transaction...

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I Am Responsible

Don't know if you will be succeed or not , every one will be normal to you or think that there is no great thing that i am going to get from here,Some may be rude, some may take advantage of you being in a

state where they don't know if you would be succeeded . But once you succeed, every one say i am responsible for that your success. If i am not there you  might not have done this and stuff…….Don't they remember those days how they might have thought about you……and taking the responsibility for your success …..I am responsible……That is called world…..!!!…But true responsibility of a persons success lie in those effort made by themselves and the true back ground support given to them in any form without expecting any return from you.


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Fed Up

Hmm Don't know what will happens to these laptops sometimes.All of as sudden they start behaving very odd….Will not accept anything and wont listen to us…..They will be in their own

world….Huff….because of which we need to suffer….need to reboot everything…it is not so simple….First backup all the files in to external hard-disk…..Reboot and the copy back all these files not so simple takes hour and hours to copy and paste as the data is lot…..!!!… the struggle don't end with this but has to reinstall all the setup files again…….huff…..these laptops don't know that time and tide wait for none just killing our time….!!!


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