Forgive & Forget

Forgive & Forget,those were the most influential words from my Dad on me.Not only me but these will be the words that has lot of influence on many people life , if they are truly understood.When someone causes pain through their act , first we need to think about the incident rather than shouting at the person and then analyze it throughly on our role .Judge the incident and our role in it. If our heart truly says that , it is the fault of other person who caused the pain to us then first we need to forgive the person but remember the incident that caused pain and act smartly next time.Forget the event of pain , if you truly think that the person has changed.

Forgive and Forget helps to change once way of thinking and the relationship with other person.If, you are willing to forgive you will understand what pain means and will never cause that to others as you have gone through the pain.Forgetting the event of pain helps to build a fresh relationship with the person who caused pain.This doesn't mean that you blindly believe everyone and anyone.The event causing pain is a reminder for living a better life in the society and people with various mentalities.

Anger is like fire ,which is always waiting to set a fire and burn everything.Forgiveness,thoughtfulness are like water which turns off fire. When an angry person tries to hurt you in someway or other this quality always helps our own self from fire.