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One whole day's Experience

I cant forget this day, very strenuous and very happy day . Even though it happened that i came to US two years before, I dont have license to drive car…..Its not going to matter if it were to be India…..But in US , if i dont have license to drive a car,it is like fully handicapped. I managed my University life very easily , as we had transits, college shuttle and few friends .But after i finished my education … i realized the value of car….!!! , Frustrated many times as it will be a helpless situations and cant afford paying for taxi's (damn expensive).The problems that i need to face without transportation were immense,Cant go to write an external exam,cant buy accessories without asking some one or taking someones help,adjust your timing according to others,no privacy as we need to tell everything like where we are going ,why we are going and things like that….hmmm….cant even go to post-office for some urgent works,hmm….and these difficulties are endless.I many times felt like why don't these Guys put some public transportation.

I was lazy to get Driving License(DL) when i was in school as i never felt the necessity for a car.I had the permit but never had an interest for getting a DL as there was no need.But, after i shifted to Dallas, then i realized i don't had legs to move from one place to other.Finally, i took help of my friend to learn , how to drive a car ,was not so lucky enough to get DL the day i went.But, was able to find all details , in order to get it.That was Friday morning , i was having off at work.I got up at 7 am :( by 8am i was in front of DL office, woow…that was my expression after reaching the DL office……the office was overflowing with people, the queue extended out of the office until the end of the road.I kept cool myself ,just waited for two hours in queue to get my slot fixed,mean while i meet few guys , who were in queue ,just waiting as me.One of them was a grad student from UTD,Tx. We just started our conversation due to a girls who was standing before me.The girl left the place as she got tired staying their.Then , this guy was like , ” i need to go to office ( he was an intern at the same place where i work).I asked him , where do you work then he told.Then we were talking a

bout many things like , where do he stay ,what was his university fees and all other general stuff. Then, one more guy joined the queue, he was a Chinese guy,very funky.Finally,We were only 5-4 people in the queue,we got acquainted.Then a lady ,who was working there came to collect few details for our appointment .The chinese guy asked her, ” Can i take the photo with my hat and scarf On?”,the lady very smartly replied “Yes, you can. But i saw few teenage girls,who take this photograph as a glamor-shot”…..we ended up laughing when she posed like them,” then she told him that , if you give a pose like that,then you will get a blue cover asking you to take the picture again at DL office”.

After Long waiting in the queue, i got an appointment for afternoon around 3Pm which is like 3-4 hours from the time i got the appointment.I was like damn waiting there as i dont have an option to go and come back (no DL…no car…).I was just waiting in a Subway.Then i saw a middle aged man comming into the subway and telling the cashier that ” I am waiting here for my daughter to give her DL exam …!!”.I was like woow ,someone like me just waiting…:).

Finally, we had a conversation on what areas they are going to take us and stuff like that.Finally, it was 2.35pm and my colleague came with his car on which i was going to give the test.I was kind of little scared about parallel parking , but as we had made our landmarks like what i need to do when what appears before the car, i just revised.We were watching an Instructor,she is very rude i suppose, because whom so ever's car she is getting into either they are hitting something or doing other mistake.I though in my mind …God i don't want this lady as instructor in my car.But, unfortunately,she was the one who is going to test me…. :( .

Finally, I made up my mind “Come on usha concentrate now “.Firstly,she tested ,if the car was Ok…then she got into the car and asked me to start,she tested me in every aspect, with my practice few days before and with God's grace , i finished the drive successfully.With her metallic tone she told ” You passed the test ,go ahead and give these papers at the counter”.

I was very happy that moment,finally…..i am going to move on roads :)

When i was in the queue at the counter, all the guys whom i meet joined me in the queue one after other and everyone was happy to know that all of us got the DL.

Finally, the day ended up with me getting my DL,which has been a pending job for two whole years.