What does satisfaction means?.Is it a feeling that make people stop at one point or something that makes one very happy?

Consider a person who is starving for long time , one's if he gets good food to eat, his minds says to him ” wow what a food…i am so full and very satisfied after this long starvation”.What happens to the same person if he is not really starving and eats the same food at that point of time his mind says ” Why didn't i get that item for lunch today, i think this is just OK”.Is he satisfied?,And why did the situation change ,even though it is the same person.I think it is because of the choice he has.

Once a choice comes into mind , then starts confusions,then there are possibilities of either choosing this way or other .I don't think every choice we get in life is better than other , there are many situations in life where we need to choose from choices that are equally good , each leading different ways of life. Choosing in those situation is the most complicated task than in any other , in those situations ,one best way to decide is to think about long run from now what is the

effect of my decision …visualizing our self what impact it is going to be in our life and decide it cleverly.

Most important situation where we need to be very careful in deciding will be our career,marriage and friends.According to me, Career and Life are two parallel tracks that we need to handle them very carefully.Choosing ,which filed to go, is what going to decide what we are going to be in our professional life that may be a good doctor,engineer,actor,singer,business man , politician or anything.Other most important choice that we make in life is choosing a good life-partner, Our complete family life depends on how your partner is ,how compatible you are.One other choice that enriches your life is friends .Choosing friends depending how they advice you,how they help you when you need them.If , we are very careful in these three choices, According to me life will be on track.

For me every crucial decision i make always had choices which are equally good and equally challenging. It is always good to visualize the impact of the decision we make in long-run.


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