I thought this is a very good topic to write and discuss.It is one of few things that a person can feel and act accordingly, it can be anything inspiring talks, movies , incidents or may be even the situations which make a person think and holds his feeling to do something.

It is a feature that is developed from childhood.When i was young , In school our teachers use to tell inspiring stories ranging from freedom fighter to young children who won awards for their brave acts. One can get inspired by anything even from the insulting comments , teasing talks or hurting feelings.But, the way they take depends on individuals personality.For me if some one says something or does insulting comments, only way to answer them is keep quit at that moment and answer them by taking that as a challenge .Do it and show it to them what you are and what you are capable of doing.That will be the best answer to give rather than arguing with them, i strongly believe that , if you do this way, they will realize what you are and will can never face you directly.It is a way to permanently shut their mouths once for all with out even a single word.It is like you development makes them shut up.

Let me tell you one incident that i faced in my college days.I was introvert during my college days , so i was always busy with my studies or my work and never bothered or did bother any one in clas

s, but i was always into studies .Once there was an internal exam that was conducted and i spoiled the exam ,literally, i just passed. A naughty guy in our class commented about my score before every one. I felt really bad and tears were about to roll from my eyes, i just controlled myself a lot. Then i decided in my mind , I need to answer this guy with my score in this semester. I planned my semester perfectly, what i need to do and how should i achieve that. My approach was systematic , my planning was perfect ,i schedule my time and attained perfection in every topic i studied as i spent tons of my time and energy.

Finally , the days approached that was my final exams.I know , what i did all semester and what i want the result to be.I did all my exams really well.Finally the day came, our results were out and as everyone in class checked our score online. I went to college.Everyone started to congratulate . I just looked into the face of that naughty guy and he never replied for my look.

Every one came to know about my potential and i thought i have answered to that guys comments.

For me every incident in life counts and i would never leave without replying to the comments that i listen or get to know about.Only way to reply other is “Do it and Shut their mouths once for all”.Best way to take the insult is “Take it as a challenge and prove yourself”.


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