Indian crabs

One thing i noticed in Indian's is Indian Crab mentality.Let me explain Indian Crabs story.Once they were shipping some live crabs from different countries in containers and all the containers from different countries were closed and sealed except for crabs from India, one of the sailor got doubt about it and asked his co-sailor,why didn't you close that container's Lid.The answer for that was like this, Check it out,every crab which is trying to climb to top is pulled down by the other crab and so on.So they will never come out of the container,that is the specialty of Indian crabs.

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>That is not only story of Indian Crabs ,but many Indians mentality.Some incidents in life make my feeling more stronger. Recently, I came across few people, who made me realize this fact.I know people work for their own benefit,According to me it is good only to some extend ,If they use others to make their money that is not going to get good result in long run ,even though it gets some result now.My Strong belief says that “Every thing that you do to other will exactly happen to you ,no matter at what point of time”.Not everyone is like that but now a days most of them are like this,so it becomes very difficult to calculate and behave with people some times.