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What does satisfaction means?.Is it a feeling that make people stop at one point or something that makes one very happy?

Consider a person who is starving for long time , one's if he gets good food to eat, his minds says to him ” wow what a food…i am so full and very satisfied after this long starvation”.What happens to the same person if he is not really starving and eats the same food at that point of time his mind says ” Why didn't i get that item for lunch today, i think this is just OK”.Is he satisfied?,And why did the situation change ,even though it is the same person.I think it is because of the choice he has.

Once a choice comes into mind , then starts confusions,then there are possibilities of either choosing this way or other ...

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I thought this is a very good topic to write and discuss.It is one of few things that a person can feel and act accordingly, it can be anything inspiring talks, movies , incidents or may be even the situations which make a person think and holds his feeling to do something.

It is a feature that is developed from childhood.When i was young , In school our teachers use to tell inspiring stories ranging from freedom fighter to young children who won awards for their brave acts. One can get inspired by anything even from the insulting comments , teasing talks or hurting feelings.But, the way they take depends on individuals personality...

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Indian crabs

One thing i noticed in Indian's is Indian Crab mentality.Let me explain Indian Crabs story.Once they were shipping some live crabs from different countries in containers and all the containers from different countries were closed and sealed except for crabs from India, one of the sailor got doubt about it and asked his co-sailor,why didn't you close that container's Lid.The answer for that was like this, Check it out,every crab which is trying to climb to top is pulled down by the other crab and so on.So they will never come out of the container,that is the specialty of Indian crabs.

how to stop smoking weed

That is not only story of Indian Crabs ,but many Indians mentality.Some incidents in life make my feeling more stronger...

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