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One Card Where My Eyes Struck…

It is long time that i updated my website, i was little busy in settling my career.Hm , i might not have updated my website, if i didn't have seen that card. I was just wandering around the shop and accidentally , the message on the card made me read everything on the card.The card goes like this…

Our Relationship has never followed the rules.

We've never been the kind of fairy-tale couple you see in movies.

It seems like we're either head over heels in love or crazy with frustration.

We're not perfect, and neither is this relationship.

But you know what?

It's ours. All ours-the little jokes that only we understand, the way our hands naturally find each others, and the memories that seem so wonderful now that we loop back.

Our relationship will never be perfect, but it will always be an im...

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