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Post Graduate

I wore my Grad gown and the hat…..Finally.

I Still don’t believe….I got my Masters and made many people proud of me.I am very Glad for that.It was an Awesome day in my life,walked before the Heads of the University,the Dean Congratulating and my batch-mates cheering .My staff shouting my name when i was taking the certificate awesome ..feeling…. i came to know that my parents just missed watching the live show on internet but they made it in the closing of the ceremony…….All and all there are tones of photographs with my friends,Host family,professor,Staff .The party was amazing ,went where most of my near and dear could make it except for few.Every one was happy had a delicious cake.In my whole life I never wore Point heel which i wore on my Graduation with a formal skirt…..Boss was shocked to see me wearing point heels……they complimented me saying i am so cute with my formals…on the whole a wonderful day…..Just left me very good memories….The good part was i got so many Congratulation cards ,bouquets and some gifts.The best gift was all being with me for the whole day which i would always remember.Finally,by the end of the party felt little bad as that was last day i am staying in a place where i worked for one and half year.

The effect they had in my life was immense and will always be in touch with them.Wooow…..I had a great time……I did try tossing my hat….!!!

And the next day of my Grad-walk was more awesome as i attended a party , unforgettable in which i tried water skewing ,fishing , though I didn’t caught the fish but others who were fishing caught some and left those fishes free …felt good but finally i learned how to fish and then i had a boat ride …..lot of fun filled day for me ..where i meet few others who were very glad to see me and we chit-chat for a while.On the whole my experience after my graduation was very good.

Struggle to finish My Journey

Its been two years i came to Wichita , for completing my Masters and happy that i am finally done with my Masters and about to enter into whole new journey.Let me share few experiences during Masters.I came to WSU with few of my Bachelor's friends,But as expected they behaved harshly and which resulted in my¬† room shft( It did happen due to their harsh words though).I always take things as it come and so felt that what ever happens is for Good and It will always be true at the end.I had whole new experiences and was finally in to dorms.I came to know how people talk before you and behind you.I know how they try to use you , spread rumors, take things for granted and all other stuff which effected me a lot but built a lot of confidence to face any kind of situation in my life.Other side of this was my education , I struggled initially managing my education,job and household But after I learned how things are going to work and worked accordingly ,Sometimes I even felt like why do i need to suffer ,what am i going to achieve is it worth of this much suffering -My answer now is Yes…It is worth it.

After that , whole new series started,I came to know how to act and behave from my boss” a very kind lady “,she told me what her experiences are which repaired my Self confidence.But,as always happens there was none expect for my boss to help me get out of that worst situations.There after knowing how to approach people made my life much more easier.

My main point in writing my experiences is that , to make students who are traveling from outside to be aware of few things,firstly, be tactful enough to understand others and behave accordingly,plan everything in advance,have an outlook of what is going to happen in worst situations and be prepared for that in which case you would not loose your confidence which it the most important of all.”Doing Master's is not all about Studies but much much more than that-You would learn and live what the World is…..(Mix of good and bad experiences)…!!!”


Back 2 My world for a while

Huff…..It was long time that i updated my website.What happened to me?

I was actually busy with my exams and happy that i am done with all of my exams and until now everything went well.So many changes to undergo in a the upcoming time.Had very good time this weekend.After,long time i had my holiday time,listening to music,watching movies,going out ,meeting friends and had fun.The time i spent listening to music just recalled the time that i used to spend during my Bachelors.Finally, I cooked today after a while,It turned out ok…but didnt satisfy me though….!!!

Woow… was good after my exams I feel relaxed at least for 10days and then my Grand Grad walk….Don’t know who will turn-up for my Grad walk ,but will be Very Glad if everyone who are expected are there ….Let’s wait and see how will that go.