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Few days ago , i went to Amish restaurant . I has corn,mash potato ,very tasy pie and cinnamon roll.I like the pie the best.The women who served the food very very simple in their dress,they never use make up,they covered their hair with a piece of cloth.The place where the restaurant located was outside the city,It was clam.Amish Community differs from other communities in christians.They are well know for their simplicity,they are very reluctant to adopt to moderanization .They travel through horsecarts.They eat what they cultivate , they have their own farms from where they grow wheat,corn etc.They have their own pastures .They are unique in their ways .Unlike other christina communities ,they are not allowed to marry outside their communitiy,they have their schools .I love their simplicity.When i was driving  , i saw windmills,buffalows in farms,wells besides farms and very simple equipment used in the farm.I came to know that , they are mostly found in Pennsylvania and northern Canada.

It reminds me of rural India….home made food was extraordinary.



Today was my first Easter in United States.I celebrated as a christian does.Went to church,had lunch with my friends family and their friends.It was good to know about their celebration.The celebration is about ” Lord Jesus risen”.I came to know about his last seven words.Importance of “last words” which i never thought about until now.Last word of Christ was about” Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. “.When the preacher was explaining about how painful the death was, i felt very bad.Let me try to describe ,he was hooked up in cross with nails on his hand and feet,the pain in his feet will not let him pull him up and while he was down he was not able to breath,it was due to lack of breath and he suffered like that for 6 long hours.

Hm….for me it was first time to listen about death and last words.My friend also told me about how he was risen .On the third day after his death, the stone on the tomb moved and when Christ Mom checked the tomb he was not there,while his mom thought that his body was stolen and  while she was running to tell this to Christ's disciples,Christ appeared before her,and proved his existence to few others also and thereafter, he was alive for 40days.Huff… was a lot of stuff which i never know.My friend also told me about Jewish culture , where they celebrate pass over while others celebrate Easter.Jewish people eat bread which don't have yeast for this whole week and eat meat which is blessed by their priest.

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It is good to know about different cultures and traditions