Monthly Archives: February 2010

Fed Up

Hmm Don't know what will happens to these laptops sometimes.All of as sudden they start behaving very odd….Will not accept anything and wont listen to us…..They will be in their own

world….Huff….because of which we need to suffer….need to reboot everything…it is not so simple….First backup all the files in to external hard-disk…..Reboot and the copy back all these files not so simple takes hour and hours to copy and paste as the data is lot…..!!!… the struggle don't end with this but has to reinstall all the setup files again…….huff…..these laptops don't know that time and tide wait for none just killing our time….!!!


Online Friend


Hmmm it may happen to many that you go into some social website or online chats and all of a sudden, many people start busing you. That was first time I guess when I really came across a social website.

I was unaware of what is going on guys just leaving an add request.Initially due to ignorance I ended up in adding everyone, but sorry I am not fool…later started to check if I know this person or not. But, what happened when I added few people even if I don’t know?,mm… ended up in getting a very good online friend,just like pen friend.

Awesome that person was very good, this is not decided by just in one talk . It took three long years,for us to become  friends, many say that you shouldn't believe people just like that, but here it is little different may be with  God's grace i came in contact with good person, he

was an awesome candidate always advising on something important where i was in dilema. I would just ping him or tell him what happened and just like any elderly person he would tell me the solution.

I some times feel that I am sharing these issues with my granny…..!!!

We ended up talking whole world issues and meanwhile, I came to know about him .Learned many other ways to think.We used to share online jokes  and finally the fun part is teasing each other.

The conversation generally starts up in teasing each one but never offending.It is fun and good to know about unknown people in safe way.According to me, you can believe a person , not just like that…but depending on what they are.The best way to know people is by deeply examining  them , even though it takes time. But as I told you I am a poor judge it took 3 long years for us to become good friends.

“Journey of life is awesome, no one know whom you meet and what effect they will have up on you.”

But for every cause there is a reason we just need to think that if something happened it is trying to indicate  you something…


My Money…..Your Money

The world has become so commercial these days,even your own blood relatives talk in terms of money.People sitting in a group talking to each other at some point of time end up in talking about money.One of my uncle  acts and behaves as if he was a millionaire before all of our relatives and in person damn stringy counts on every single cent.It was unbelievable when i first encountered that situation but has to believe tha

t as that was true as i underwent that situation.I came across many situation where every one and everything is measured in terms of money.How much you have? ,How much I have,What shall I do to beat you?…these are the days where money is everything…Don't know how long this would be extending and how far…I just think of that day when this world ends what will you have, where from you will start?

Dollar ,Euro,Rupee,Yen,Durham…nothing matter it at that point of time life matters,ONLY LIFE.According to me it is always what matters is life,How principled life did you live,How much satisfaction you have in your life nothing more than that.”Life is to enjoy and not to suffer” that is what  I believe in.


Does that matter?

I have an issue this time. Does that really matter what people think about us.I went through many people ,people from different countries,Different mentalities ,different thoughts .But, Is that really matter what people think about you.I heard different opinions and different thoughts about me from each section of my friends my international friends always like me they say

that they like me the most because i am frank ,positive and helpful .But i heard quite opposite opinion from some people. Being frank is not liked by  many as they feel it is rude.Some say they like frank people and frankness  but in reality when it comes to them they may not  like  frankness as some want  everything in positive .But frankness is always good as i think it will tell you what the fact is and one can improve on it.According to me one can't judge other person from third persons point of view.One can get to know the person only if they talk to them ,interact and see the person in our own perspective.I am a poor judge as it take long time for me to judge about a person but finally until now i ended up in correct judgment.



Today i was entering the feedback forms about one program where high-school and middle school kids participated.i wonder how these kids think.As one of the que

stion was to state what they have learned that day some kids who were really inspired wrote that the speeches were motivating and they will take thing seriously and work hard which was the main purpose of program.But some were funny some said that they learned how to eat,how to use fork.Some kids want more activities and no boring speeches and some want gifts and prizes.According to me some are really kids who did not take things seriously and some are growing up. Let God bless everyone in achieving their dreams.